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And now?  Some ham oriented goodies.

New!  Chirp is a general purpose scanner programming (FREE!) program.

Chirp is open source and constantly improving.  To go along with the program, I've

gathered up a listing in chirp format for the Raleigh Area - covering from around the coast

to roughly Greensboro NC. There are several coastal repeaters, as well as a few in Virginia....

Update in color below!


To get your copy of chirp: Go to


I've been using the developer builds, because they have the latest and greatest from the Chinese handitalkie vendors and many other two way radios.


To download the chirp file I worked up, right click and save to an easily accessible directory on your computer:



Several users found that chirp that is a tad older doesn't like a .chirp file.  I've exported a new file with both a .chirp and a .csv file




Right click on those files and save locally. With chrome, right click and "Save link as" to save the files.

With IE, right click and "save target as".  With firefox, right click and "Save link as"...


The chirp file is an XML file that you need to import into your system.  If you are not opening chirp without a file from your radio already running (I recommend getting your current config and saving it before starting) - you will need to use the csv.  Until your radio is established, you will not be able to save to the radio, or easily handle the chirp input.


Additionally, you will probably have to go through the file (once it gets imported into your native radio format) setting power level for each frequency. There are 100 of them.  It won't take long.


If you just click on the file, you will get a 404, because there is nothing represented in the file that can be run on the web server.

Once imported, you can export it into your Beofung, Icom, Kenwood or whatever. Again, you will probably

need to set power levels for each channel in CHIRP.  That is easily done, since it presents that as a column with pull down menus.

Remember to save your file after you edit it.




Some photography from last year..

NC & Pennsylvania


Park Train video   Standard Def   High def

Some standard def lure coursing - the AKC trials... Rough edit - unfinished


A couple of new styles of links to videos on line.  You can browse

through the videos with the first version. The second shows the latest

six videos. To play the back in high def, you will need to go to the

Vimeo web site. Also, you will need the latest version of Adobe's flash player.


I put videos I create on Vimeo. You can see my profile.




New - 4/27/2009

Charlotte Concert Band - Carmichael and Saint-Saens.

New   September 18, 2008

Tweetsie Railfan Weekend from Bill Blomgren on Vimeo.

East Broad Top running June 2008 from Bill Blomgren on Vimeo.

Videos - new September 7, 2008

EBT Crew prepares 15 for work from Bill Blomgren on Vimeo.

East Broad Top shop wheel lathe, brought to life from Bill Blomgren on Vimeo.

Westbound Amtrak in Parkesburg, PA from Bill Blomgren on Vimeo.

Strasburg Railroad - A meet in a cornfield... from Bill Blomgren on Vimeo.

Two hours of Septa, Amtrak, and NS in Newark Delaware from Bill Blomgren on Vimeo.



More new stuff (July 5, 2008)

Music for use with a Latta Plantation production, recorded here in Charlotte

Music from www.pdmusic.org  created by Benjamin Robert Tubb brtubb@pdmusic.org


1800 - A rose tree     Highland Mary        Pretty Maids all in a Row

My Poor Dog Tray    The Federal Constitution and Liberty Forever

1801 - Election-The People's Right

1803 - Life Let Us Cherish  another version Life Let Us Cherish

1807 - Sweet is the Vale

1808 - Believe Me if all Those Endearing Young Charms

1808 - Jesse the Flow'r 'O Dumblane

1811 - March March Etrick and Teviot Dale  and again a second version

1813 - The Last Rose of Summer

1815 - Thou Dear Native Land    Merrily Merrily Rounds the Bark

1818 - Will you come to the Bower

Some new stuff!  <New!  05/01/2008>

A tiny video set for 256k video stream..   Flagg Coal at the NC Transportation Museum 

320 x 240 in size.  The original is high def.

If it doesn't stream, right click and save locally.

<New!  05/02/2008!>

And one that probably won't stream unless everything at Road Runner is perfect...

A slightly higher data rate version of a shorter version of the Flagg footage - also 320x240 in size.

Right click and save locally if it won't stream.... Flagg Coal 75



M-3 at the East Broad Top




Click here for part of the sound track for the M-3 DVD!   "Leaving on the Midnight Choo-Choo to Alabam" by Irving Berlin

Click here for the sound of the Maple Leaf Rag

Click here for the sound of The Entertainer

M-3 has returned to the EBT.

Video of arrival (small, may stream)

Credits video (may require right click to copy locally for playback)

M-3 at the East Broad Top   Restoration, and Dave Johnson's shots in B&W

More M-3 shots from the people rebuilding the car

A third page of M-3 rebuilding images  

Fourth page of M-3 rebuilding shots 

Fifth page of M-3 rebuilding shots     New!  5/9/2006

Anonymous source motor work description  

And thanks to Rick Shoup for the scans!


2006 East Broad Top Opening Weekend     

East Broad Top RR Photography       Friends of the East Broad Top Restoration Work

A few more EBT shots from the 2005 Spectacular     

Friends of the East Broad Top at the Fall Spectacular

Rail Photography in Pennsylvania      Charlotte Trolley

Dog shots - starring greyhounds       A few shots from around the Carolinas 

Spenser Shops - Page 1  

Spenser Shops - Page 2  

Video:  Rachel at the Doe River Gorge  This will not stream. Right click and save locally.


I finally got around to providing a few links.  All but one of the links in the music boxes should stream now.  New! 12/14/2006

Audio Recording - Band Organ          Audio Recording - Music Box

Aussie Politician                             Tech TV oops!                             

bit of humor                                   Interested in Horses?